5 reasons Love Listens


It is very ironic that I am writing a blog about listening since I am a guy and this seems to be a problem for many men.  We have a hard time listening, and it may be a problem for many simply because we would rather be heard then listen.  As Valentine’s Day approaches, take time to listen to those you love, that may be a huge gift in and of itself.

Here are 5 reasons it is more loving to listen then be heard:

1. Love is Patient

We are a very rush rush society, moving from appointment to appointment that we rush past the important people in our lives.  When we take the time to slow down and have true conversations with people, our lives will be rich in love.  It is difficult to slow down and listen to someone else but when you love someone, you will be patient and listen.

2. Love is selfless

Being selfless is extremely difficult for many including myself.  I have found that a great practice of selflessness is listening to others.  When you listen you show you care more about the other person in that moment of time.

3. Love keeps no record of wrongs

When you are in conflict with another person or get into an argument, the last thing you want to do is listen to them and get their side.  You are right and they are wrong and they need to hear what you have to say, right? Wrong!  If we want to practice love, we need to take the path of humility and listen to the other.  What is making them so upset?  Maybe we are wrong for what we did?

4. Love is not rude

You know those people who are always talking over others, loud, and have to bring attention to themselves.  They are rude!  We need to take the road less traveled and listen.  When you let others talk, you will seem like a sincere and caring person, even if you are not.

5. Love never fails

What better way to be there for someone you love then to take some time to listen.  Become dependable by listening to the ones you love and they will truly feel like you will never fail them.

Love listens and this is advice that I need to take myself.  I recently took some time to listen to those I love and heard things that hurt me.  I had to step back and remember that it is not all about me.  I need to go and love better and the first way I will do that is becoming a better listener.


12003376_10102235762960458_7453360965180052522_nAndrew Marshall- Husband, Father of two (one on the way), Youth Pastor in Chesapeake, VA, musician, and now author. I wish to share all I have learned with the world and spark creativity wherever I can.


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