4 Things our graduating seniors taught me


This past Sunday our church held the Senior Recognition for our graduating high school students.  We had a wonderful luncheon and time to offer up some wonderful advice from college students returning home for the summer.  As the college students were sharing, it became apparent to me that the seniors have a lot to teach us about life as they are stepping into a new season.  Here are some of the things I learned from them:

Life is short and kids grow up

alyvia squirt to face

When you see our young people grow up and enter adulthood you realize how short life can be and how quick our kids grow up.  Seeing the graduates helps me appreciate my own children and cherish the many moments I have with them.  Before I know it, they will be grown up graduating like the students above.

A new scripture verse: Romans 12:12

We asked each senior for their favorite scripture verse.  One of them wrote down one that I had never seen as a favorite scripture: Romans 12:12- Be glad for all God is planning for you.  Be patient in trouble, and always be prayerful. I really like this verse and will make it one of my own life verses.  Thank you senior class of 2016

Raising up younger generations is totally worth it

When I look at some of these kids I think about the good time and bad times we had together.  Many times I focus on the bad or difficult times because they stick out in my mind so much.  At the time, it was a challenge to bear through some of the experiences I had with some of the boys.  As I look back and see who they have become, I am grateful even for the challenging experiences.  Our time together was totally worth every minute.

They teach me as much as I teach them

These seniors have challenged me to be better and to know my stuff.  Part of my responsibility is to help our students understand God’s word but a lot of these students have a good grasp and they end up teaching me or helping me see things I did not see before..

We will miss our students as they leave for college. You don’t know what you have until its almost gone. I hope that we never take for granted the role God gives us in the lives of others.





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